Top-Rated California State-Certified Real Estate Home Appraisers

Montgomery Appraisal offers quick turnaround time on high-quality California real estate appraisals for Date of Death Valuation, Marriage Dissolution, Probate, and Estate Planning, home sales and purchases, home refinances, private mortgage insurance removal (pmi), property tax challenges. Our California state-certified real estate home appraisers will help you get the most accurate property value so you can make the most informed real estate decisions.

With offices in Santa Cruz and San Jose, Montgomery Appraisal has built an excellent reputation for integrity and quality real estate home appraisal work providing high-quality and unbiased real estate home valuations throughout the Bay Area, serving Santa Clara County, Santa Cruz County, Monterey County and San Mateo County, California since 1993.
Ted Montgomery — Real Estate in San Jose, CA
We have established ourselves in the competitive real estate appraisal market and we feel confident that we offer the most comprehensive and professional real estate home appraisal services available.

  • Our objective is to provide quality real estate appraisals at a competitive price in a timely manner.
  • Our mission is to provide the highest level of satisfaction.
  • Our responsibility is to deliver an objective, well-supported valuation on each property we appraise.

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Montgomery Appraisal is a family owned and operated business with more than 24 years of experience. It’s obvious that they take a lot of pride in a job well done with absolute honesty and integrity! Both Ted and John Montgomery are very professional in all areas of the appraisal process from showing up on time to doing a comprehensive evaluation and providing a detailed report that is easy to understand.
♦ Hands down Montgomery Appraisal will be my go to professional Real Estate appraisal service. They offer all the appraisal services that anyone could need from Home Purchase/Refinance, Estate Planning to Marriage Dissolution and Date of Death Valuation.
With years of family integrity serving Santa Clara County, Santa Cruz County and surrounding areas why call anyone else?

Christine M. January 2017
♦ Montgomery Appraisal provides consistently superior service. They have a clear understanding of how to provide a through appraisal in a timely manner. They have the experience and knowledge of the local markets. They have the professional training and credentials that are reflected in the high quality work that is produced. Their research equips them to the to support the value and provide the analysis that are important in this work.

Anne B. June 2016